What does over 400 years of combined experience buy? A lot of real life experiences we use to understand and empathize with our clients.

Our objective is to deliver excellent investment returns. We are a financial advisory firm dedicated to assisting families in reducing investment risk while maximizing returns from investments in publicly traded US companies.

Why We're Different

Equity Investment Specialists.

We specialize in US equities investments, with a particular emphasis on uncovering undervalued large-cap growth companies among America's largest and greatest corporations.

Consider the following: Quality, Growth, and Price.

We look for high-quality companies that demonstrate both value and growth qualities. This distinguishes us from the majority of other wealth or portfolio managers, who feel that growth and value investing are mutually exclusive investment strategies.

Decisions about Relative Values.

Each investment choice is based on an examination of over 500 modeled investment options traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. We are motivated to create the best investments possible in comparison to other market choices.

Fee Structure and Focus on Outperformance

Our performance-based pricing structure directs our efforts on delivering tangible benefits for our clients. Historically, fixed fees have compelled asset managers to focus on asset growth rather than on outperformance.

Client Focused

We provide improved access to key decision-makers when it comes to managing your Portfolio, a frequently ignored but crucial benefit, particularly during periods of market upheaval.

Management of Risk Is Crucial

We employ a rigorous risk management process in the study and selection of firms, as well as in portfolio construction. We do not focus on volatility risk since it is oversimplified and, in our opinion, unimportant to achieving greater long-term investment returns.

Internal Research

We believe that conducting our own research, performing comprehensive analytical work, adhering to a strict investment procedure, and focusing only on the US equities market improves our clients' investment success.

No one Flies Solo

With Aldwin Callen, you’re the pilot, and we help navigate. We’re by your side throughout the journey, together, we fly.

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