Education & College Planning

Parents and grandparents today have a variety of options for planning their children's and grandchildren's education, including college expenses. To be honest, the sheer number of available plans and their associated terms and conditions can be overwhelming — even if this is not your first time saving for education or saving for college! Financial advisors at Aldwin Callen can assist you at every step of the way in developing a plan for your child's (or grandchild's!) success.

How to decide on an education savings plan

Each of the various account types for education and college savings has its own set of unique advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the best strategy for college savings can be challenging, but Aldwin Callen financial advisors are here to assist.

Education and college planning checklist

Consider the following points prior to your initial consultation:

  • Your annual contribution amount
  • Whether contributions are tax-deductible or not
  • Your contributions are invested in the following ways:
  • Identifying the administrative fees that will be included
  • What expenses can the funds in the account be used for?
  • What happens to the funds if the child does not enroll in college?
  • Recognize who owns the account, whether it is a contributor or a beneficiary.
  • Account ownership can have an effect on your estate, financial aid applications for students, and who controls the account funds and how they are spent.

Now is the time to begin planning your education with Aldwin Callen.

Our senior wealth advisors will work closely with you to create a customized educational savings plan for your children or grandchildren.