Senior Management Team

Our senior management team is represented here, and they may all be contacted directly through email with any queries or complaints. We believe in transparency and maintain an open door policy in order to receive criticism or suggestions for ways to improve our business. We know that regardless of how hard we work, there is always room for improvement.

Aldwin Arthur Rafferty Co-Founder
Thomas George Callen Co-Founder
Chase Kovner Managing Partner - Client Development
Peter Lin Chief Executive Officer
John Hsu Chief Financial Officer
William Peter Holt Head of Asset & Wealth Management
Chang Chen Chief Securities Lawyer
Wolfgang Becker Chief Operations Officer
Robert Bowen Chief Compliance Officer
Christiane Dressler Director of Investment Banking
Roger Barton Chief Strategist
Cora Miao Head of Accounts
Kelly Ko Head of Retail Trading

Senior Wealth Advisors

James Gerald Harper Chief Trader
Noah Henry Patton Senior Wealth Advisor
Edward Robert Wade Senior Wealth Advisor
Jack Benjamin Cross Senior Wealth Advisor
Tom Grey Senior Wealth Advisor
David Shaw Senior Wealth Advisor
John Van Wyk Senior Wealth Advisor
Luke Wright Senior Wealth Advisor
George Silva Senior Wealth Advisor

Portfolio Managers

Andrew Fuller
Robert Bay
Emily McKenzie
Michael Bryce
Sean Russo
Joe Hisaishi
Roy Chiu
David Adkins
Adrian Greenwood
Sean Harris
Richard Samuels
Ryan Harkness
John Odate
Joan Chen
Anna Saeki