Welcome to Aldwin Callen Associates.

A full service investment brokerage house based in Taiwan. We have had our roots embedded into the financial industry since 2002, and we are proud of everything we have achieved over the last decades. Aldwin Callen Associates has been at the service of its international client base, offering them the latest in investment planning and strategy execution.

We understand that when making decisions regarding your financial future, you need to have all the information readily available to make the right decision, which is why we offer our clients direct access to our research and analytical teams. The key to creating a successful and profitable portfolio is based on a solid understanding of our clients goals and needs, with this is mind we have produced for our clients index beating performances year after year.

Aldwin Callen Associates has established themselves as a pioneer and leader in creating alternative investment opportunities that has consistently shown our clients positive returns over the last 15 years. Being a full service investment house, we offer our clients a plethora of investment services which range from portfolio management, through to corporate advisory and third party analysis. We believe that the best way to stay ahead is to constantly evolve your approach and services, we do this by providing our team of experienced brokers constant on the job “training”.

Aldwin Callen Associates is comprised of over one hundred brokers who collectively have over two centuries experience in the financial industry, and global market economics. We know that when choosing a broker to work with, our clients value experience and a proven track record over anything else. Working with our team here at Aldwin Callen Associates you will have access to our services when you need them, our brokers will work with you from the creation of your portfolio and throughout our relationship together.

If you are interested in seeing how Aldwin Callen Associates can assist you to financial freedom, or to find out more information regarding the services we can provide you, contact us here.